Useful Things to Know About C-section Recovery

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One of the most exciting time as a mother is childbirth. You will finally meet your baby who has been growing inside your womb for the last nine months. Having a baby can be difficult to your body, especially when you had a cesarean section (C-section). More time is needed for a C-section recovery.

Here are five things new mothers should know about C-section recovery!

Health Benefits of Foot Massage

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Your foot does a lot of work and they are usually the least pampered part of your body. A foot massage, even just a few minutes, will pamper your feet and keep them flexible and strong. It has been practiced by different cultures for many years to promote health, well-being and as a valuable part of alternative medicine.

Posture For Back Pain: Improve Your Posture and Reduce Back Pain

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Having the correct posture for back pain is an important way to keep the back and spine healthy. For the correction of a poor posture it is very important to determine what improvements are needed. People with back pain must work on changing their daily habits to correct those areas. This effort will improve your back and over time will help decrease back pain. Here are some tips on proper posture for back pain.

Back Pain Causes and Treatment – #4 Spinal Osteoarthritis

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The most common cause of back pain for older people is spinal osteoarthritis (Other causes of back pain we have talked before, see our previous article.).  The symptoms of osteoarthritis can be effectively managed by staying active and maintaining an ideal weight.  Other known treatments, that we will discuss below, may also slow the progression of the disease and help reduce the back pain. Here are some facts about spinal osteoarthritis:

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