Health Benefits of Foot Massage

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Your foot does a lot of work and they are usually the least pampered part of your body. A foot massage, even just a few minutes, will pamper your feet and keep them flexible and strong. It has been practiced by different cultures for many years to promote health, well-being and as a valuable part of alternative medicine.

Back Pain Causes and Treatment – #4 Spinal Osteoarthritis

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The most common cause of back pain for older people is spinal osteoarthritis (Other causes of back pain we have talked before, see our previous article.).  The symptoms of osteoarthritis can be effectively managed by staying active and maintaining an ideal weight.  Other known treatments, that we will discuss below, may also slow the progression of the disease and help reduce the back pain. Here are some facts about spinal osteoarthritis:

Ankle Tendinitis: Causes and Treatment

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Ankle injuries are defined by the kind of tissue that is damaged, bone (fracture), ligament (sprain), or tendon (strain).  We have covered sprains and fractures in previous articles, but when the tendons of the ankle are strained due to overuse or trauma, it may result in ankle tendinitis.  More specifically ankle tendinitis (also referred to as tendonitis) is inflammation of the tendons that surround the ankle joints.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Causes and Treatment

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Are you at a higher risk of developing carpal tunnel syndrome ?  Have you ever suffered arthritis? Do you have high blood pressure or diabetes? Is your job involved repetitive wrist movement, include manufacturing, assembly line work, keyboarding occupations, and construction work?  In this article we will talk about causes and treatments of carpal tunnel syndrome.