Useful Things to Know About C-section Recovery

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One of the most exciting time as a mother is childbirth. You will finally meet your baby who has been growing inside your womb for the last nine months. Having a baby can be difficult to your body, especially when you had a cesarean section (C-section). More time is needed for a C-section recovery.

Here are five things new mothers should know about C-section recovery!

Why Do New Moms Get Postpartum Depression?

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Having a new baby into the family can be very challenging, both physically and emotionally. New mothers may experience mood swings, feeling joyful in a minute and depressed the next. Feelings of this type often go away after having a baby. However, some new parents may experience this that may last much longer—and this is called postpartum depression.

Losing Belly Fat After Pregnancy – 2) Postpartum Diet

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Losing belly fat after pregnancy, is a never-ended topic for new mums.  In our previous article we have talked about getting back in shape after birth by postpartum exercises, and a postpartum belly wrap. Today we will talk about losing belly fat by a sensible postpartum diet, which can help you shed pounds gradually while giving you enough nutrients to keep your energy up.  Let’s read on for easy postpartum diet tips!